Angel Readings

People have known about angels for centuries. Their words and their images appear in many different religions and beliefs. Most of us remember the comforting image of a loving guardian angel that we were shown as children.

Angels are real and they are with us to help and support us through all the times of our lives.

Angel readings are one way to obtain this counsel and love.

What is an angel reading?

You come with questions — or not. And I tune into your angels’ vibrations and translate to you the messages that your angels are sharing. Most of the time I use angel oracle cards to help focus the messages for you.

Examples of questions

  • What should I do about my job?
  • Tell me about my son (daughter, cousin, sister, etc).
  • What is my life purpose?
  • Will I find a soul mate/lover/spouse?
  • How can I feel happier in my life circumstance?
  • Are there some messages from my loved ones who have passed away?
  • How can I be healthier?
  • What do my angels want me to know at this time?

Types of Readings

In person

In-person readings are available in 15 minute increments. Most people opt for 1 hour so that they can get the most information.


1 hour: $110
½ hour: $60


I will give you a conference call line and your reading will be recorded.


1 hour: $110
½ hour: $60


Email me your questions and I will send you back the responses I get from your angels

Fee: $110

Child Life Purpose Readings

This is a card reading which is done for a child between the ages of 0-12 years. It is done with permission of the child’s higher consciousness and personal angel(s). The information that comes through usually deals with the contribution the child has come to give. May also talk about the type of work, jobs, etc the child will engage in.

Fee: $110

Payment Arrangements:

Payment for in-person readings may be in the form of cash or check and is expected at the time of the service.

For email or telephone readings, please pay your fee via PayPal online. After I have received payment, I will contact you to make an appointment for doing the reading.